Welcome to VineBalance, New York State’s Sustainable Viticulture Program!

VineyardVineBalance is a joint effort by the wine and juice grape industry, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and the New York Department of Agriculture and Market’s Soil and Water Conservation Committee to define and promote the use of sustainable growing practices on the 33,000 acres of vineyards in New York.

The program’s major goals are to promote and document grape production practices that:

The foundation of the program is our grower self-assessment workbook. Designed to both document sustainable grape growing practices already in place and promote sustainable practices throughout the industry, the workbook is primarily an educational tool to bring awareness to the economic, environmental and social implications of specific viticultural practices. The self-assessment provides a baseline for potential modifications detailed in an action plan drawn up after completing the workbook.

The potential benefits to participating growers include:

Grape production is a high-profile agricultural enterprise. By making it an industry-wide goal to produce grapes, juice, and wine using sustainable practices, participating growers will help themselves and the state by reducing environmental risks and ensuring a healthy future for New York’s grape growing industry.

Hard copy versions of the VineBalance grower self-assessment workbook can be purchased online